Why the Knysna Seahorse is so hard to find

Introducing the rare, delicate and hard-to-spot Knysna Seahorse

Being a wildlife artist with a spiritual connection to nature, I always look to see which animals want to be represented in my work.

I focus much of my imagery on the plight of Southern African fauna and flora. When I create a series of work, I never know which animal wants to be represented, merely allow them to show themselves either in dream imagery or experiences as I work on the concepts for the series.

The Knysna Seahorse arrived relatively early in this series, as I knew it had to be represented, showing its endangered status to the world.

Where To Find Them

They live in a very small area of Southern Africa specifically in the Keurbooms river and Knysna lagoon, in brackish water where the currents are slow and warmer than the sea. Because of their tiny size, they prefer the weeds and areas along the shore line to live.

Reference: http://www.emzinitours.co.za/knysna-treasure-trail-tour/#single/0

They can have many different variations of colour from light brown, mottled or darker colours.

Reference: https://www.visitknysna.co.za/explore/rainy-day/the-knysna-seahorse-the-only-known-true-estuarine-species/

I’ve tried four times to scuba dive to see these creatures. Due to the fact that the water quality in the Lagoon is murky, and they stay in the weeds along the banks (away from currents) and because of their tiny size, have all contributed to me as yet not seeing them in the wild. I will be a very happy person when I eventually get to see them in their natural habitat!

Hand-Carved Into Art

I loved creating this linocut work. I tried to show off their delicate features, the tail, ridges along their body and tiny fin. Their radiance (holiness) is represented by the sun behind the form, the rays represented by the lines emanating behind them, like a halo.

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Have you been lucky enough to see a Knysna Seahorse?

If so, I’d love to hear about it!

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