Mother Moon


In this image we have a female lion – a lioness.

Lions have been revered by man since our earliest beginnings.

Having researched the significance of these beings I have noticed a common thread going back millennia.

The lioness represents all things feminine, the moon and cycles of life whilst the male symbolises strength, earth, power and is connected to the sun.

This was one of two images created as a diptych with two beings facing each other, symbols articulating behind themselves orbiting their heads, giving suggestions of their auric power.

In ancient Egypt, two lions with a line between them was the hieroglyphics for “horizon”. I took this thought further to show them sitting on a sun disc, representing either horizon line, sun or moon.

I created a pitch black background to show these beings as “gods” that exist in a realm above our human world. I painted silver in the background and gold on their bodies. When one turns the lights down there is an etheric quality that creates a completely different and almost revered mood in the work. Light reflects almost luminous in nature. This work is meant to be almost sacred in its depiction.

A huge semi circle breaches both images symbolising that although two separate images, they will always be connected creating the dance of equal polarities – a yin and a yang – always two but similarly together, always as one.

Dimensions: 120 x 160 cm // 47 x 63 in