Internships Terms & Conditions

 1. I accept the internship, which has been awarded to me by the John Moore Studio and understand the following:

a) John Moore Studio will not pay me for my internship; all expenses,  including the cost of travel, personal insurance and accommodation, as well as all living expenses, will be borne by me or my sponsoring institution.

 b) I am personally responsible for obtaining the necessary visas and arranging my travel to and from Fourways, Johannesburg South Africa.

 c) I possess adequate medical insurance for the duration of the internship.

 d) While working at The John Moore Studio, I will not be considered an official or a staff member. However, I understand that I am expected to fulfil my working obligations like any other official and will follow the working hours of The John Moore Studio.

e) The John Moore Studio accepts no responsibility for costs arising from injury, illness or death that has occurred during my internship; I will provide proof of my enrollment in a health insurance plan that covers the full period of the internship at the duty station and will provide a medical certificate of good health prior to the commencement of the internship.

 f) I will not be permitted to travel on official business.

g) I will accrue leave at a rate of two and a half (2.5) days per month. Subject to prior approval by John Moore, this leave may be taken at any time during the internship. Leave accrued and not taken at the end of the internship will be considered forfeited.

h) I will provide notice to John Moore of any illness or other unavoidable circumstances that might prevent me from attending work or completing my internship.

 i) I will complete an evaluation questionnaire at the end of the internship and submit it to The John Moore Studio.

 j) There is no expectancy of employment at the end of the internship.

 k) Unsatisfactory performance may lead to the termination of the internship at the initiative of The John Moore Studio, subject to an appropriate notice period of at least one week.

 l) I will reimburse The John Moore Studio for financial loss or for damage to The John Moore Studio-owned equipment or property caused by me, if such loss or damage occurred outside the performance of services with The John Moore Studio, or arose or resulted from my gross negligence or willful misconduct or violation or reckless disregard of applicable rules and policies.

 m) In the case of personal emergency, I shall grant an early termination of the internship. John Moore shall approve the release and confirm the new end date in writing.

 n) The John Moore Studio bears no responsibility for loss or damage to my personal property that may occur during my internship.

o) In no time in The John Moore Studio will there be allowed smoking or drinking,

p) The use of drugs will not be allowed on the The John Moore Studio or surrounding property and will result in the immediate termination of the contract. Any expenses to be billed to the Intern.

2. I undertake the following obligations with respect to the The John Moore Studio internship programme:

a) To observe all applicable rules, regulations, instructions, procedures and directives of The John Moore Studio;

b) To refrain from any conduct that would adversely reflect on The John Moore Studio or on the receiving division/section/unit and will not engage in any activity which is incompatible with the aims and objectives of The John Moore Studio; with particular reference to:

  on prohibition of discrimination, harassment, including sexual harassment and abuse of authority, on special measures for protection from sexual exploitation and sexual abuse and on detailed disciplinary measures and procedures, the use of drugs in any way or form.

 c) To respect the impartiality and independence required of The John Moore Studio and of the receiving division/section/unit and shall not seek or accept instructions regarding the services performed from any Government or from any authority external to The John Moore Studio;

 d) To keep confidential any and all unpublished information and artwork made known to me by the accepting division/section/unit during the course of my internship that I know or ought to have known has not been made public, and except with the explicit authorization of The John Moore Studio, not to publish any report or papers, images or artwork on the basis of information obtained during the programme, both during and after the completion of my internship;

 e) To provide immediate written notice of illness or other circumstances which might prevent me from completing the internship;

4. An internship may be terminated or its period reduced at any time by The John Moore Studio if this is deemed to be in the interests of either The John Moore Studio or the intern.


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