Head Full Of Ideas


Head Full Of Ideas

This is an image of a warthog who sits on the earth, grounded. He looks at you, the viewer. He contemplates so much that his head bursts with with potential images and ideas.

The little waxbills are fluttering around him, distracting him. Unless he focuses on one idea, they will continue to distract him. The trick is to focus on one bird/idea, finish it and then move onto the next. In this way his mind will still again.

As a creator, I prefer to have a head filled with ideas. For me, the most important element is the action required to convert these ideas into art and I find that the more I create, the more my ideas develop and flow.

I love the details in the – rather full – warthog’s tummy. He’s grounded, sitting, casting a shadow on the earth. The folds of skin and hair creates texture and movement along the warthog. The birds offer a contrast – both in the size of their bodies with tiny patterns and wings and the way that they are ready to take flight at any given moment.

Dimensions: 80 x 60 cm // 32 x 24 in