Fireside Chat: Angel of Judgement

Stories shared around a fire is an ancient tradition that is still magical and captivating today. As an artist and storyteller I invite you to join me around my fire for Episode 2 of “Fireside Chats” as I share the Egyptian Mythology which inspired the creation of “Angel of Judgement”.

This image consists of a Cape Vulture (an endangered Species in Southern Africa), who looks at the viewer.

Inside its wings it has eyes, which look into the very depths of your soul. Its gaze is penetrating and vigilant. Its open wings represent a scale. This echoes the Egyptian Mythology of the soul, which in the realm of spirits it is judged. It weighs your heart against a feather: if your heart is lighter than a feather, you transcend to the heavens; if heavier, it consumes your heart and you fall to the underworld.

In the background are many small circles holding information that echos this theme.

Under its wing, there is a feather and a heart, showing Ammit (the being who traditionally consumes your heart). Below is a baobab tree (symbolising the tree of life). Within this tree is a boat, representing the arc or the path one takes in life.

An eland rests below in another circle. Filled with anthropomorphs, half animal half human beings, which are connected to myth and magic. The eland is a sacred animal to the San which is why it is depicted here communicating with the San medicine men.

A soul bird which is also a being also connected the Egyptian mythology and capable of transcendence, has 4 faces and is able to look in all directions at once.

To the left, Cerberus (the hound of hell with 3 heads) protects the hells.

Next to him, is the tree of life in a spiral form, with an eye that observes all life.

In the corner, you will see a Tibetan fractal: a never ending form that stretches to infinity.

One point of interest is the “shaman”, interspersed within the vulture’s wings, that assists with choices the “Angel of Judgement” makes.

This is a small but very powerful work into which I weaved many signs and symbols which provide an intricate tapestry of detail.

Join me on Thursday 15 July 2021 at 6pm SAST as I discuss this work which offers a feast for the eyes and a conundrum for the mind.

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