Discovering the Depth of the Disc Series

The Story Behind The Series

I created the disc series wanting to challenge myself to a circle format, traditionally a difficult shape to make work in as there are no horizontal or vertical edges to the work.

Each animal represented in this series “called” to me to be part of this work. Either in dreams or visualisation as I was drawing the works up.

In this format, some animals poke their heads out (like the giraffe) or sit within the format framing their bodies. I looked at the detail and form of each animal, drawing them up as true to life as I could cut. I like the animals connecting and interacting with the viewer in all its glory so that a dialogue can begin between both parties.

Rays of light emanate from a sun (represented by a negative space) and the radiating lines in the background represent each animal’s ‘holy’ self. I look at nature as sacred. My philosophy is that one must treat it and protect it in all its forms and glory. When coming into contact with nature’s beings, they have as much right to this planet as we do. Whenever we interact with them, treat them as sacred experiences.

The Artistic Process

All works are hand-carved into linocut, a medium similar to a plastic but of a high quality, able to maintain great detail as I carve. That’s why I love this medium in my work.

This series consists of 13 images in three different sizes, all printed on Rospina 200g printing paper. Each work is printed individually through my press with lightfast letterpress black ink.

The 3 different diameters in the series are 15, 20 and 30 cm, with only 20 original prints of each in this limited edition.

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