Connecting To Ancestors


The crocodile is a creature filled with ancient energy. It is a being that has not evolved in millions of years. If you look at it, all aspects of it – tooth, claw, tail, scale has been immaculately shaped to be an apex predictor. The crocodile is a formidable creature. It’s connected to the kundalini, an energy that sits close to the spine. Once ignited, it runs from the base to the head and purges any unwanted energies. The crocodile is about getting rid of the old to step into the new. It knows how to evolve and stand the test of time. This crocodile image like uroboros (the world snake) holds its tail in its mouth. A circle is formed creating a circuit and portal of continuous energy. Crocodiles are also connected to ancestors and history.

This image is purging the energies of the past, connecting you to your ancestors so that they can assist you in your future endeavours.

It’s a very simple but very powerful image. I love how the scales and the anatomical structure of the crocodile connect and work together.

This specific image is an idea I have had for over 30 years. Finally in a moment of inspiration I knew this image had to be drawn up and completed. It was created within 4 days from drawing to completion. This shows you how effective one can be with the right energy. 30 years in the making to be completed in 4 days.

This shows the power of working with crocodile’s amazing energy!

Dimensions: 60 x 60 cm // 24 x 24 in