Calling The Rain And Its Creatures


This artwork depicts the mythological San legend of the rain creature which brings rain to a dry area of land if you are able to capture it. In this image, the rain creature is a giraffe as for me, this animal has a unique perspective of the world. Due to its height, it can see far and wide and this allows it to breach different realities and realms. To capture the rain creature, the San would enter a trance state and tie a cord of red thread to its nose and lead it to the area that needed rain.

In this translation of the legend, the rain creature breaches the world of spirits indicated by magical energy that leaks from that breach. A shaman (look at its nose) is slowly leading the giraffe and as it follows, precious, quenching rain falls to the earth bringing magic, abundance and growth.

This work took over 6 months to complete and countless pins to scratch the detail in the work.

Size: 120 x 220 cm // 47 x 87 in