The guardian of secrets is an ancient entity, born at the dawn of time. Its purpose is to safeguard your most cherished and profound secrets, which are often passed down through generations. This being has endured for so long that many lineages have forgotten the significance of these sacred treasures, sometimes discarding them or losing the keys.

The crow, a faithful messenger, returns these keys to their guardian, beneath the mighty buffalo’s hoof. If you are fortunate enough to possess one of these keys, you may unlock only your personal vault. Attempting to force any other lock will bring forth the formidable might of a male buffalo, a force not to be underestimated.

Scattered around the guardian’s feet are numerous objects considered sacred, each bearing a relief that traces the history of humanity, stretching back to Babylonian times. A dung beetle, accompanied by a time-altering sphere, circles the base, possessing the unique ability to manipulate time itself. An enchanting cube, with the sum of its numbers along every vertical, horizontal, or diagonal plane equaling a specific value, adds to the mystique of this entity.

The creation of this masterpiece demanded months of dedicated effort, but the result is truly worth it. It is recommended that one sits before this ancient guardian, contemplating what secrets lie within, pondering whether they should remain securely stored in its vault or be unveiled to the world.

Paper size: 115 x 160 cm | 45 x 63 inches